Banksia Room

(3 to 5 years)

Learning Environment

One of our first goals this year is to have a smooth transition from holidays, to being back at Perry Street. By listening to each child’s and parent's voice we have been able to put together a program that reflects the uniqueness and individuality of each child. This is an ongoing process and together with the children and families we are excited to see where the year takes us.


We have been enjoying the company of the children and working with small groups, large groups and children as individuals, laughing, sharing stories and interests.

Solar System

  • Teaching children about the earth and the moon, what they look like and where Australia is located on a globe

  • Exploring the other planets and the sun

  • Informing children on how to take care of our Earth and the environment

  • Creative construction of plants by using paper mache


Exploring Feelings

  • Exploring expressive feelings though music and props

  • Engaging and approaching others in a kind and mindful manner



  • Engaging with each child to extend on last year’s previous work on writing a story

  • Teaching the children about the beginning, the middle and the end of a story

  • Using language such as author and illustrator to describe the different roles of creating a book

  • Using our finished stories to read at group times



Allowing each child the opportunity to connect with nature and learn empathy and respect by:

  • Having the freedom to explore natural materials both indoors and out

  • Actively talking about what is happening in the yard, the weather, the birds we find in the tree’s and  insects we discover outside

  • Checking on our gardens each day, watering, weeding and propagation

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