Hakea Room

6 months to 18 months

"When babies and young children are relaxed and involved they express wonder and interest in their environments. When children are encouraged and supported to be curious and enthusiastic participants in learning, they begin to develop positive dispositions for lifelong learning.” EYLF

Early Years Learning Framework, EYLF
In Hakea Room, we use families' understanding of their children to support each child’s development and routines.  We support the childrens interest in developing close friendships amongst their peers and educators. 
Hakea provides a safe and nurturing environment to cater for children’s individual developmental needs and interests. The environment is carefully planned to engage children in learning language and social interactions. Educators are observant of very young children’s non-verbal cues and respond promptly and with respect.
We offer both indoor and outdoor programs to the children every day (weather permitting). The babies have their own outdoor play space which offers connections with nature and basic principles of sustainability as well as fostering physical development.
Hakea room