Acacia Room

(2 to 3 years)

Our objectives this year are to continue to enhance the children’s sense of belonging to the Acacia community, to help them communicate their ideas and encourage their participation in the program.



​Currently we are looking at the following areas:


  • Feelings: 

We are learning to identify our own and recognise the feelings of others. We are using books, songs and discussion to explore this theme.

  • Cooking:

We are engaged in an ongoing project this year looking at where our food comes from and why it is good for us. We have had several cooking experiences, fruit tastings and have been reading food themed stories.

  • The World:

We are learning about the wider community through games, a travel agent activity area and group time discussions.

  • Creative Expression:

We are exploring expression through art by offering various mediums for the children to express their creativity with such as collage, fabric painting and pastels

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