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Acacia Room

2 - 3 years


Number of Children: Up to 10 
Number of Educators: 3

2 x diploma qualified educators and 1 x degree qualified teacher.

At Perry Street, our educators work together with our families to develop strong relationships with the children. Through these relationships, children begin to feel confident to explore and learn. We follow a play-based learning approach and provide a supportive learning environment that is rich in natural resources.

We base our learning programs on children’s ages, stages, interests and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF). We create learning experiences to extend and develop children’s skills and provide meaningful learning activities for children to participate in. Acacia room teachers and educators place high importance on helping children to become responsible members of a group and work closely with children to negotiate time, space and resources for play in a respectful way. There is also a strong focus on fostering and supporting emerging friendships between children.

Our Acacia educators provide continuous care for the children and staff are rostered to ensure there is always a familiar staff member so that children feel secure and comfortable. They work with families to establish a routine for the children based on their unique individual needs.

We recognise that routines are an important opportunity for learning and work with families to establish a routine for the children based on their unique individual needs. Routines are flexible to allow children to take the time they need to complete a task or learning experience. There is provision for sleep time in this room, some children will just have ‘quiet time’.

The Acacia outdoor space is shared with the Waratah room. This is a generous outdoor space with large established trees and vegetable gardens. Toddlers participate in outdoor learning as they practice newly acquired physical skills such as climbing, bike riding, and running. 

The food is prepared daily in our kitchen by our experienced cook who ensures that the children’s nutritional needs are being met.  We provide the children with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea from a varied seasonal menu. Morning tea includes wholemeal and whole-grain options and afternoon tea offers a variety of (not so) sweet and savoury treats. Lunch meals change with the seasons but are always nourishing and delicious!

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