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Integrated Kindergarten Programs

3 - 5 years


Banksia Room
3-year-old Banksia &
4-year-old Kinder Owls

Number of children: Up to 24

Number of educators: 2 x Bachelor qualified teachers and 2 x Diploma qualified educators

At Perry Street, we deliver a 3 and 4-year-old integrated funded kindergarten program across 2 years within the context of long day-care.

3-year-old program (Banksia)
Our 3-year-old kindergarten program is integrated with long day care and runs five days a week. The 3-year-old program is planned for and delivered by a degree qualified teacher and a diploma qualified educator. Our funded 3-year-old kindergarten children have face-to-face access to the teacher for 7.5 hours each day.

4-year-old program (Kindergarten Owls)
We deliver 5 sessions of our 4-year-old kindergarten program each week from 9.00am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday. By delivering our Kindergarten program over these days, we offer flexibility for families to meet their work, study and other commitments. Younger siblings are also educated and cared for in the same setting and on the same days. We provide education and care for all children during the school holiday periods allowing parents to have the benefit of having childcare throughout the year.

Kinder Owl.png

​Our Kindergarten Teaching and Learning Philosophy

Our Kindergarten Philosophy is reflective of our Centre’s Philosophy, which is reviewed by the Committee of Management, staff and families on a regular basis. 

We believe that all children have the capacity to learn and develop in a safe, nurtured and happy environment.  We recognise the importance of teacher’s building trusting and mutual respectful relationships with each child so that they become confident active, capable, curious, creative and enthusiastic learners. 

We understand and acknowledge that each child and their family are unique and diverse and this is reflected in our learning environment and our learning and development programs.  Each child’s diversity is recognised and celebrated, without prejudice or bias.  We value the professional collaboration and partnerships between families and the teacher, in the best interest of each child’s learning and development. 


We view each child as citizens with rights who have their own unique interests, talents and abilities.  We understand that each child has the potential for learning and development regardless of gender, race, age, learning styles, abilities, family circumstances, and socio-economic backgrounds.  We focus on the children’s strengths and interests, and integrate these into their learning and development program, routines, and learning environments.  We understand that children learn best through positive social interactions, and therefore view the child within a social context.

We understand the value of play-based learning and development programs which are supported, facilitated, and extended by teachers and early childhood professionals.  We aim to provide a balance of intentional teaching and play based learning through the voices of our teachers and early childhood professionals, children, and families.  We provide education and care sourced from a variety of current early childhood theories.

We believe that learning environments should be richly resourced with emphasis placed on diversity and the natural environment, to stimulate and challenge each child to their fullest potential.

The teacher will represent each child through professionalism, sensitivity, care and understanding.  We recognise and value the relationships between the teacher, child, families and other early childhood professional in the learning and development of
each child. 

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