Waratah Room

18 months to 2.5 years

Our goals in the Waratah Room include:


  • Children developing independence skills


We encourgae this development by  involves washing hands before and after meals, drinking from cups without lids, pouring their own drinks, serving their own meals and dressing and undressing themselves

  • Children feeling safe, secure and supported in their environment


We believe that when Children feel safe, secure and supported they are given the best opportunity to reach their full learning potential. Waratah provides an environment that reflects the childrens' interests, shows respsect for individuals and fosters caring relationships. 


‘’Perry Street acknowledges parents as the primary caregivers and most influential educators in their children’s lives. Partnership between families and educators are critical I the overall education and development of each child a reciprocal relationship based on a genuine respect of each person’s knowledge of the child is integral to the development and well-being of all children“ Perry Street Philosophy

Exploration of nature, EYLF
Self-help skills, EYLF
Self-help skills, EYLF